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Uno de mis portales favoritos es Chicaque Parque Natural

Es uno de mis favoritos por que fue el primer portal aprobado fuera de la ciudad y es un lugar natural, en un bioma de bosque de niebla muy hermoso donde se respira aire puro y mucha tranquilidad. Ahora por la cuarentena es un lugar al cual no se puede ir.

"It is one of my favorites because it was the first approved portal outside the city and it is a natural place, in a very beautiful cloud forest biome where you can breathe fresh air and a lot of tranquility. Now quarantine is a place where you can not go."

Codename: MorkUlv



  • #myfavePortal Kaskada Wodna

    This is one of the portals that will always have a special place for me. A key I keep in my inventory.

    During the Cassandra Prime anomaly we conquered and held this portal and in my mind denying the opposition scoring point.

    Cassandra was my first anomaly and will therefore always be special.

    Meeting great people from both sides and nice Niantic staffers.

    Winning didn’t hurt either.



    Codename: thermoplastic

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