Niantic, please temporarily disable Ingress in NYC

MxxMxx ✭✭✭✭

This is request for Niantic to disable Ingress or otherwise discourage play in NYC (and surrounding areas).

NYC is getting ravaged by coronavirus! As of right now there are over 46000 infected people in NY State, with vast majority of them in NYC! There have been over 600 deaths! The State and City governments require all people to remain at home unless for absolutely essential trips.

Ingress is not that! On daily basis I still see an unacceptably large number of active players still going out there and playing like nothing is going on. That is absolutely unacceptable when the city's hospitals are at a breaking point! People do not understand the gravity of the situation! They should not be going out there making triangles, killing and capturing portals!

Niantic, please temporarily disable Ingress outright or disable killing/deploying/linking or however else you see fit to discourage people from going out there during this pandemic! Yes, the community will suffer. But **** human lives are more important than this game!


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