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#myfavePortal - Hand Over the Ocean

I have never been to my favourite portal - Hand Over the Ocean on Isla de Pascua (Easter Island):

So why is it #myfavePortal ?

The fist holding a lightning bolt (I think that's what it is) is pretty cool and I've always wanted to go to Isla de Pascua, it's on my bucket list. But the real reason is that I got my longest link (6881.278km) perhaps the longest link ever made in Ingress from it, as well as 8 other players. See the archived Google Plus write-up for more details:

Also with the Avenir shard challenge agent @Stinegrenade (@CSC2019 at the time) moved a shard 6811km to Hand Over the Ocean - possibly the longest shard move!

Agent LizardKing430


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