#myfaveportal The Rock - Zanzibar

My favorite portal is one far far away from home, located in Zanzibar (Tanzania), called 'The Rock'

The Rock is a famous restaurant, situated on a rock in sea. When the tide is high you have to be brought by boat. When the tide is low you can grab dinner just by walking up to the stairs.

Back then i was still trying to get my sojourner medal, so efforts had to be made for a daily hack. The Rock was the closest portal to our hotel, like 5/6 kilometers. So we got ourselves some (too small) rental bikes and thought 'we can do this'..... totally underestimating the african sun :)

I like to cycle, but cycling in 40+ degrees / 104 Fahrenheit up and down hills was just too much. Staying there for another week or so made the decision to let the sojourner pass quite easily.

The downside of this portal is that it made me pass ( i made it later) on my sojourner medal. The upside was exploring the portal and its surroundings. So beautiful!

That's why i always kept the portal key as a memory of good (and burning hot) times.

Find more pics and info at tripadvisor at: bit.ly/33NPxOF



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