[bug] Background/ambient sounds stutter and jank when recharging remote portals

2.41.4-a776a5c2, Android QQ2A.200305.002, Pixel 3

Tried turning on the "background" sounds for the first time in a while. Eerie sounds for eerie streets and all. The cities are so quiet right now you can hear it even without headphones.

Problem/repro: Open key carousel, pick a key your faction's color, press recharge. Remote portal view opens. Background sound cuts out for about a half-second, then returns playing (I think) the ambiance at the viewed portal's location rather than your location. Go back to the key carousel, and it cuts out again for perhaps twice as long, before resuming at the local ambiance.

I suspect playing the ambiance at the remote location might have been deliberate, but with the hard dropouts and long stutters in the sound it's super jarring when you're entering and leaving a portal view, especially if you're doing it for a lot of portals doing recharge. Also, the ambiance is always the same on remote portal view because you're always the same distance from a single portal, so if you leave it on the remote view it's just the same static noise.

Suggestion: just keep generating the ambiance for the player location; it's not effective for remote view. If you really must transition, do a graceful cross-fade in both directions.

If the "effects" sound is enabled the transition seems to be a bit different as the button SFX interact with the ambiance, but it happens either way.

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