Share your Favorite Portals

It’s time to revisit memory lane. Starting now to April 15, 2020, we want to hear about the most interesting Portals you have encountered. Head over to your Portal keys and share a screenshot of your favorite Portal along with a short note on what makes it special.

All participants will receive an exclusive passcode that can be redeemed by two Agents. Interesting stories will be reshared on the official Ingress channels. 

Include in your post:

  • A screenshot of the Portal key
  • A short note on why it’s special to you
  • Your codename 
  • Tag it with #myfavePortal
  • [Optional] Intel Map link

How many Portals can I share? 

As many as you like starting now to April 15, 2020. Each Agent will receive 1 exclusive passcode regardless of the number of entries shared. 

Which platform should I share the posts? 

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram; pick your favorite. We’ll also be checking the Ingress community if you choose to share there. 

When will I receive the passcode?

The passcode will be sent via email to your Ingress login email associated with the codename mentioned in the post. Passcodes will be sent after April 16, 2020. 


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