Portal Scan upload errors count against upload quota

After scanning a portal, the 'Upload Later' often fails with 'Submission failed: Please try again.'

These failed attempts appear to count against the quota of 200 uploads per 13 days.

I'm currently at 117 successful uploads, but have hit my quota.

The upload error occurs consistently once or twice after restarting Ingress Prime.

After that scans fail less often. But today I had a particularly bad experience, and I kept trying about 20 times, because in my experience it always works eventually. But it did not and I gave up. But when I tried to scan the next portal, I got the message that I had hit my limit.

The upload that failed repeatedly was only 27 MB. At the time I started I had wifi enabled and internet may have not been working well, but I was able to hack the portal. I tried disabling wifi and killing all other apps, but that didnt help.

When doing the upload later from the settings page, it is sometimes very slow... more than 30 minutes. I usually just do this once a day, so its 10 - 15 scans.

Once I thought it had hung so I cancelled, and after that, I didnt have the option to try again? So as far as I know, I lost that batch of scans. I suspect those also counted against my quota, but not toward my Scout badge.

Can you fix the quota so failed uploads don't count?

Can you fix the upload, so if it is aborted, and all the scans are lost, that they dont count against the quota?

Ingress Prime 2.41.4


  • Tried uninstalling Prime but still can't do portal scans.

    The large number of scan errors must have put me well over the 200 scans/13 days.

    If roughly half of scans have an upload later error, our real limit is about 100 scans/13 days, and it will take alot longer to achieve the badge.

    6000 scans/100 scans * 13 days = 780 days. 2.1 years

  • HydraulinskiHydraulinski ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 25

    That's true! I did one but have 198 left...

    But I'm not worried actually. I probably won't be able to keep up 200 a week.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭

    I just uploaded a little over 20 scans from home.. it said once complete i check progress in scanner shows AR videos 15.... so u dont know which ones got lost for some reason... shame....

  • Day 3 of scans not working due to upload quota bug; They stopped working Monday, March 23 at 4:18 pm.

    I've got 117 uploads, but it says I've passed the 200 uploads/13 days.

  • I am having the same issue; I now upload all my scans from wifi, but when in the field sometimes tapping the 'upload later' button still gives the error message, and counts against the quota.

  • The error still occurs for me on 2.43.3

    There is one agent with 198 scans. Which tells me that the error does not occur for all agents. Perhaps he is on iphone?

    I hit my 200 limit with 117 scans, so 58% success. 42% fail.

    So far I've observed the failure is 100% for the first scan after a restart of the scanner.

    Scout has been out more than 13 days now, so I get some quota each day. yesterday I had a quota of 20.

    My first 2 scans failed. In the app, before you 'Upload Later' you can see your quota, and watch the errors consume quota.

    But after that I had 16 successful upload later, and had used up my quota for the day. I managed to get thru the scans without restarting prime and did my upload via wifi, which claimed success. But when I checked my stat, I only got credit for 16, not 18.

    So I think the scans that have errors on first attempt, and then claim success, actually fail, consuming quota and giving no scan credit.

    tip: wait for enough quota to do a large batch of scans. If you only have a small quota, the guaranteed first failure is a high percentage of your quota wasted.

  • I saw this too. But I think its because during the initial scan and 'upload later' there was an error. I think reguardless of the number of times you try and eventually get a success message, you dont get credit for it when you upload from settings.

    Perhaps we could prove this by doing upload now when theres an error. And check if the badge stat goes up.

    The work around might be to rescan that portal from scratch if there is an upload later error.

    It still uses up quota for the failed 'upload later', but the scans that work, give credit.

  • Some other observations:

    1. On the portals I scanned I also did photos, and the photos always uploaded ok.
    2. scanning uses a lot of battery.. I would guess the video encoding and camera. I can tell it is intense because at low battery, the video is not smooth and upload later takes a long time... about 30 seconds.
    3. after uploading the stat doesnt always update until you do a forced sync. .err.. restart.
    4. the stat does not increase as much as expected. I uploaded 18 successful scans and got credit for 16. My guess is the 'upload later' failing once, is really fatal, even though repeating the upload later reports success.

  • with 2.43.4 error became even more frequent. i wish i could rollback this update

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