Adding Support Photos while reporting Invalid Portal

HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭
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Recently I got a portal removed from the system, and knew about other two by friends that also got removed. The 3 got something in common, they were graffitis and they got removed like a day or two after some rival faction agents went there. The fact is thats all graffitis still remain at the place, one is a little faded, but still there. This happened because last week some friends of mine went to a place and found out a huge white school wall, that previously had about 5 portals/graffiti, and they reported it since it was not there anymore. But the rival agents, who used to ignore the invalid portals, became mad and started wandering the whole city, nearby agents houses in the next days and probably reported all graffitis as revenge...

So, to prevent this kind of hatred fake reports, I like to suggest/request that when a portal is reported as invalid (at least by the category of permanently removed) that a picture is requested at the moment, so the reporting agent should take a photo of the place, proving that is not there anymore.



  • ph3dph3d ✭✭

    I completely agree on that: reporting "non existing" portal should attach some probe of non existence.

    This will prevent false-positive reporting and abuse of the reporting system.

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