[GGS] Gurgaon Green Star

March 21st, 2020. 5 Agents coordinated across the City of Gurgaon for Operation Gurgaon Green Star, the first Starburst the City had seen.

The operation started in wee hours at 5:30 am with Agents spreading across the city on foot, Car, bike and even buses to reach out to all the accessible portals in the City.

By 11:00 am the agents had been successful in creating a starburst across the city of Gurgaon with 415 links with the Anchor Portal situated at the heart of Gurgaon in Sushant Lok.

The plan had really come together when Niantic announced the reduction of cooldown time to 90 seconds, and increase of Hacks to 16 from 4. It made it very easy to farm across keys and resos. Our latent Plan of a Starburst and an already existing set of keys for the portal got a boost.

Determined Enlightened Agents from across the city started coordinating to execute the plan. @Agentofthelake was tasked with the primary responsibility of farming the keys, @Br1s1ngr took charge of clearing key blockers, @preet335 helped agents with the supply of resonators and accessing some very difficult to access portals. @AnshuRoy explored an unknown territory in Gurgaon to do all his linking thereby giving a huge boost to the spread and number of links, @Joshv009 coordinated across the operation and it's execution.


This Starburst goes out in solidarity to all the countries facing a shut down and having to deal with the deadly Pandemic of COVID-19. As India preps and gears up to do it's part in restricting the Spread of this deadly contagion, here are Agents of Gurgaon standing in tune to the need of the hour.


Disclaimer: In the execution of this OP no Agent had come in direct Physical contact with each other and the safety protocol of Social Distancing was strictly followed at all times. Any and all resistance portals harmed in the process was purely intentional.


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