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Hi, I'm writing on behalf of a friend who is not able to start a discussion for some reason. Hopefully, he'll be able to reply to this message.

With the creation of the new page to upload missions, I'm allowed to start a session and upload missions, but this friend of mine is directly not allowed to enter (I attach an image of the error he gets). Does this also happen to someone else? @NianticCasey I have been recommended to quote you because of your great help in other matters, could you help him?


  • Yes, it's me. for some reason it won't let me start a session. Did the same thing happen to someone?

  • I have exactly the same issue. Actually I never could log in to this tool. I remember when I started playing, two years ago just some days after Prime was released. I have created my account using Facebook as I normally do for gaming. After some weeks playing I have noticed that the Intel Map didn’t recognize my Facebook account. And upon reaching level 12, neither the old Recon tool did. This issue has been fixed for Intel and the new Wayfarer tools, nowadays they recognize my Facebook-Prime account. But the Mission Creation Tool does not. I guess this may be the reason, and after almost two years playing, it seems that Nia never cared about this issue that affect some agents.

    After almost two years as an Agent, being unable to create a mission is frustrating.

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