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Portal Title: Hilton Bird

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=-26.101993,28.059037&z=15&pll=-26.101993,28.059037

Proposed (correct) Location coordinates: -26.101582, 28.0594138

City: Johannesburg

Country: South Africa

Move Justification: This portal is in the wrong location, currently on the premises of Nedbank. The Hilton Hotel, where this sculpture is located (in the lobby), is across the road. Multiple attempts to correct the location have been rejected.

Rejection Email:

Supporting Evidence:

This is the portal photo

Current location (left) vs correct location (right)

Google Maps:



It is very obvious where it should be. Please assist in moving it to the correct location.

Thank you



  • I can also confirm that this portal is in the wrong place. It is clearly on the other side of the street, in the lobby of the Hilton, thus the name "Hilton Bird".

  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve moved the Portal to the correct location.

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