Invalid Portal Report Appeal

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Category: Invalid Portal Report

Title of the Portal: El Ritmo de la Naturaleza


City: Tilarán

Country: Costa Rica

Original portal: Al Ritmo del Tropico (,-84.833779&z=17&pll=9.977777,-84.833779)

(There is no need to add support photos as it is clearly a duplicate)

This Pokemon Go player has approved many fake portals in our country by using objects from distant towns and nominate them in his favorite spots. Already reported this big issue in the following posts:



He is still sending fake nominations that Costa Rica Wayfarer Team is trying to revoke, but we need your help to ban this player breaking the system. We suggest to delete all portals this subject managed to get live with his account. We already sent reports through Ingress but all of them will probably be rejected because system is obsolete. We have also reported this through Wayfarer options. We would appreciate a serious approach in this matter. If not, there is no other way but to report all portals independently after rejection email and they are a great number.



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