Portal Scanning Feedback Request

This is for developers.

I'm excited about the AR development and community driven input to form the new system. I would like to get some general feedback on videos you are receiving so I (and others like me) can submit the best portal scans possible. Here are a few points of interest to direct the discussion:

• I notice much of the time the video reverts to blurry (out of focus) quality [daylight and nighttime]. Is this inherent?

• The time lapse is often too short for a slow walk-around, so I will take & submit several scans - capturing the statue in increments. Good? Bad? (Better to have a replete scan than a slow one?)

• Is it helpful to have varying angles, or in beta testing does the height of users seem to provide enough variability?

• How helpful are still photos? Should we add to the portal photo repertoire as we go around scanning?

• Will there ever be directed scanning? Where you will request us stand at a location to start, because there is one area that has a void?

• On flat art or hanging bas relief or dedication plaques, I try and start at a an angle capturing the profile (kissing the wall basically) and then walk in a parabolic path to until I am at the opposing profile. Is this overkill or helpful?

• I cannot use my flashlight when scanning. Is this something you might want to enable? [I play at night.]

Just some ideas that occur to me, I'm sure the community will have more questions. Basically because of the time investment and limit on submissions, I (we?) want to make sure my(our) scans are helpful.




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