Removal Appeal: Thunderbird

Category: Portal Removal Appeal

Title of the Portal: Thunderbird

Location:,-83.152692&z=15&pll=42.548341,-83.152692 (42.548341,-83.152692)

City: Troy, Michigan

Country: United States

This portal was recently removed.  While it's true that the bowling alley was bought by a digital marketing firm, they preserved the historic sign shown in the portal photo and moved it inside. They also kept some of the lanes intact for preservation.

HERE is an article detailing this.

A photo of the sign as shown in the article:

Here is another photo of the lit-up sign from 24G's Facebook page:

And lastly, HERE is a photo showing them moving the sign indoors.

So yes, while Thunderbird Lanes the business may have closed, this historic sign most definitely still exists and is preserved for history inside the business. The location could be changed, but "Thunderbird" as a neon sign is anything but gone.

Thanks in advance!



    Looks like a great Waypoint still! Loved all the info that was given and the news article. really helpful.

  • The waypoint is absolutely still there and the vintage sign and alleys preserved cleverly for future enjoyment! Please restore this!

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